A Man Nearly Got Lynched In Kasoa Due To Wrong Pronunciation Of Name By A Lady Friend


A very serious but funny incident is said to have happened after a young man living at kasoa almost got lynched by the people who heard a lady call the young man “na Thief” when what she actually meant was Latif .

According to reports the young man who is known as Latif had a lady who she always played with calling her to come help her carry some things to a place but due to him been far, the lady kept running after him whiles mentioning his name.

People around who mistook him for a thief immediately pounced on him to lynch him for been one of the people causing harm to people in Kasoa but was later confirmed to have been wrong as it was just a mistake in the way the lady mentioned his name while running after.

The young man was said to have had a tyre of a car been placed on him to be burnt when the lady came to confirm the identity of the young man.

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