Armed Robbers Cries And Pleads For Mercy

Armed Robbers cries and pleads for mercy after they heard they were going to be killed.


Notorious armed robbers who were arrested during a bank robbery in a Nigerian state are in the pictures. These armed robbers have been terrorising the people of the state for a very long time, but it was the end of the road for them when the police authorities got an intelligent information of their whereabouts with their activities, and grabbed them at the right time.

They were arrested and paraded at the state’s police headquarters.

Many items were recovered at the point of their arrest. There was one woman among these robbers who also bitterly cried out loud asking for forgiveness from the police authorities.

Below is also another group of armed robbers who got captured in a failed armed robbery operation.


The robbery gangs were paraded with guns, foreign pistols and many other incriminating items.

They were matched to the police headquarters. After interrogation, these armed robbers were found guilty and were charged accordingly.

When they heard they were going to be killed they began to cry heavily.

The man in the picture below committed a crime that deserves dead penalty without being told.


He is notorious armed robber that has made life unbearable for people.

The notorious armed robber also shed tears upon hearing his possible outcome of his punishment.

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