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How To Deal With Curls

Curls: one person can’t get enough and the other is begging for different hair. I? I’m a bit in the middle. In the past, when I talk about six to seven years ago, I wanted nothing but straight hair. Now, six or seven years later, I am quite grateful for my hair. It is nice and full, you can do a lot with it and it usually stays in place. Sure there are disadvantages, but hey every advantage has its disadvantage, right? I notice that curly hairs always get the same kind of questions. Now and then it drives you crazy, haha. Ah, just nice! In this article, you can read the funniest, idiotic and funniest questions that are often asked to curly hair.

Do you ever brush your hair?

Uhh yes of course I brush my hair sometimes, just not very thoroughly. When my hair is dry I go through it with the Tangle Teezer, so it looks a bit decent and not a ‘so, who just got out of bed’ hairstyle. If I thoroughly brush it with dry hair, there is no curl left and my hair is so wide that it does not look anymore. After showering I do brush it through thoroughly, but about two minutes later there is already a knot in it. Well, it’s about the idea and that’s the way life is with curls.

Do you wash your hair every day?

No, not, my hair can not even get wet every day otherwise it will frizz even more than it already does haha. Since it was not me every day, I do not know that I have dirty hair. I wash it every other day and this is fine for me and that goes for any hair type of course. A few years ago I did run my hair under the tap every day so that it got wet and it would sit better. This is total nonsense, it only made it worse, it was not at all and it dried up wrong, just like with rain. Well, you learn from mistakes, haha.

Do you use a conditioner or a mask weekly?

I use a mask once a week, namely the Andrélon Oil & Care 1 minute mask. You can rinse quickly and it works very effectively! I use a conditioner less often on a weekend when I have an outing or something like that that I want my hair to look radiant as well. For me, a mask works better than a conditioner in terms of drying out, so I use more masks than conditioners.

What products do you use to keep your hair in good condition?

Do you have a minute, haha? It is quite a list. A thick bunch of curls also needs good maintenance, of course. There is only one product that I use every day namely: Syoss Beauty Elixir Absolute Oil, a great oil that nourishes my hair very well and does not let it dry out. For in the shower I, therefore, use the Andrélon Oil & Care 1 minute mask or the Guhl Deep Butter mask once a week, the scent of this is delicious and you can smell it for a long time! Now and then I use a conditioner from the Andrélon Oil & Care line, I always use shampoo. After showering I put a pump Andrélon Perfect Curl through my hair, I spray a littleL’oréal Paris Studia Silk & Gloss Spray for curls in my hair, so that the curls can handle all weather conditions. I smear a bit of the John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Liquid Schinet into the ends, this provides a nice subtle shine.

Do you style your hair?

No, I don’t style my hair because it just doesn’t work for me. I’ll admit that I haven’t tried it very often either. Only when I try it, I spend two hours styling my hair when it is no longer working, and within half an hour the curl is back: a waste of my time.

Can you put your hair up in a high ponytail?

A high tail works for a while, but because my hair is heavy and it can sometimes even give me a headache, a high tail usually does not last long either. The rubber band is also too weak for it and I don’t think it looks very nice on me, so don’t mind, haha.

Your hair is always right the first time, right?

Oh! That would be great if it were! But unfortunately, I have to disappoint you, it is not always right at once. It is good quickly because curls are also stiff and therefore stay in place better. A real benefit to my hair.

Are you going to sleep with wet hair?

Yes, I sleep with wet hair, just not completely loose. I have a trick: I use a hairband. I pull the hairband over my head, like a sweatband, when I have my hair loose. Then I divide my hair into four strands and twist all four strands around so that it becomes a ‘pipe’, I twist this ‘pipe’ around the hairband. The perfect curl remedy and the miracle oil are already in my hair, when it is turned in some hairspray and I go to sleep and wake up the next day with curls without the frizz. Joepie! I don’t do this every day, only after taking a shower and when I feel like it, even though it takes little time I sometimes do not like sleeping because it is so draft in my neck, yes I know I am cold-free haha.

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