Nana Agradaa Convicted, Charged With Ghs 36,000 Or Faces Four (4) Years Imprisonment

The circuit court has convicted Nana Agradaa, and has charged her Ghs 36,000 or faces Four (4) years jail term.


Nana Agradaa is a fetish priest biologically referred to as Patience Asiedua. She pleaded guilty before the court on Wednesday, 16th June, 2021.

The fetish priest was arrested on the 27th June, 2021 for extortion and illegal operating a TV station.

On the hearing of her case presided by Mr. Emmanuel Essandoh, Nana Agradaa changed her plea from not guilty to guilty.

The court there on her plea of guilty charged her to pay Ghs 36,000 or faces 4years imprisonment.

She told the court before her verdict that she has no outstanding debts as she has settled all her outstanding debts to the National Communications Authority ‐ NCA.

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