New Spider Man Movie (2021)

Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales is a 2020 action adventure game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Based on the Marvel comics superhero Miles Morales, it is inspired by both the character’s almost decade long comic book mythology, and 2018 animated film Spider Man: Into the verse, which is helped to popularise him.

The game is the second installment in the Marvel Spider Man series, following Marvel’s Spider Man (2018), and depicts Miles’ struggle to balance the duties of his civilian persona and Spider Man when his new home, Harlem is threatened by a war between the Roxxon Energy Corporation and the Tinkerer’s high-tech criminal army, the underground.

Gameplay is presented from the third party person perspective with a primary focus on Miles’ transversal and combat abilities. Miles can freely move around New York City, interacting with characters, undertaking missions, and unlocking new gadgets and suits by progressing through the main story, or completing tasks.

Outside the story, the player is able to complete side missions to complete additional contents and collectible items. Combat focuses on chaining attacks together and using the environment and webs to incapacitate numerous foes while avoiding damage.

First Announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event in June 2020, the game was released as a launch title for the new console on November 12, 2020, in North America and Australia, and November 19, wordwide.

A PlayStation 4 version was released on the same day, lacking some of the advanced features of its next generation counterpart because of the console’s technical limitations. A remastered version of Marvel’s Spider Man for the PlayStation 5 is included in the “Ultimate Edition” of Miles Morales. The game received generally positive reviews, it was praised for its narrative, combat and addressing the issues from Marvel’s Spider Man, though short length and the PlayStation 4 version’s technical issues were met with some criticism.

This game features a thank you to Miles’ creator Brain Michael Bendis a dedication to Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther’s original actor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who died 3 months before the game’s release date.

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