Supreme Court Tells #FixTheCountry Campaigners To Go Ahead With The Protest

The supreme court of Ghana on Tuesday gave campaigners of #FixTheCountry go ahead of their protest.

The high court placed an injunction to the street protest on the basis of covid-19 protocols on public gathering imposed by the president H.E. Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo.

On Tuesday, Justice Yaw Appau who presided over the hearing described the indefinite injunction on #FixTheCountry protest as error.

Ghana Police Service (GPS) last month secured injunction to stop social media activists from going on a street on May 9.

They secured the injunction through ex-party motion which the #FixTheCountry leaders described as illegal.

Under the High court ruling, the injunction was granted without arguments from the affected persons.

Despite counter arguments from Attorney General Godfred Dame, the five (5) member supreme court judges after hearing quashed the injunction the police service secured against the #FixTheCountry protesters.

On May 4th 2021, thousands of Ghanaians on social media joined the Twitter hashtag #FixTheCountry to protest against poor governance and difficulties facing the Ghanaian economy.

Some hashtags Campaigners used in voicing out their concerns

. #FixTheCountry

. #FixTheCountryGhana

. #FixTheCountryNow


In less than 24 hours of the hashtag protest, the nation gained the attention calling for a street protest.

Protest leaders announced Sunday May 9, 2021 as when the street protest will take effect. But the Accra High court dismissed it.

The Campaigners took the matter to the Supreme Court. And on Tuesday, June 8, the injunction imposed by the high court has been lifted by the supreme court after court hearing. This has given the Campaigners the green light to go ahead with their protest.

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