The Best Apps to Listen to Free Music on your Mobile

The Best Apps to Listen to Free Music on your Mobile

Today we do not carry an MP3 player in our pocket, as our mobile has become everything we need to listen to music. For the music you have stored on your mobile, you need music players, and to listen to streaming music, music applications such as Spotify.

If you want to listen to music for free on your mobile and legally, you have many alternatives at your disposal in the Google store. Here we will see nine alternatives to listen to music on an Android mobile without paying absolutely anything.


When talking about streaming music, Spotify is always one of the first applications that come to mind. Although to get the most out of Spotify you must pay a monthly subscription, its free version two years ago reduced its limitations, with hours of free music and a series of playlists that you can listen to without ads and random mode.

Beyond these playlists, the free version of Spotify activates shuffle mode when trying to play an entire track or playlist, and your playback will be interrupted from time to time by advertisements.


Deezer is an application with an offer very similar to that of Spotify, to the point that the plans and limitations seem traced. With Deezer, you get access to their 56 million songs for free, albeit with shuffle play and ads.

The free version allows you to listen to music without much precision about the specific song, but otherwise, it is a good option that includes some additional tools, such as song lyrics or an identifier of the song that is playing.

Soundcloud is another renowned music application, with the difference that it is completely free for the end-user. It is the musicians and record companies who can opt for the basic or professional plan, with fewer limitations.

Soundcloud’s music catalogue is somewhat less mainstream than the previous two apps, although many big-name artists religiously post their creations on the platform. It is probably not difficult to find any genre of your liking in an application that allows you to closely follow your favourite artists.

Youtube Music

YouTube continues to be one of the easiest ways to listen to music through the official profiles of the different singers, channels with compilations and the like. Although you will need YouTube Music Premium to get the most out of it, the free version makes it easier for you to listen to music compared to the standard YouTube application.

The limitations of the free version of YouTube Music are, however, somewhat more restrictive than in other apps on this list. Not only does it have ads, but it prevents you from listening to music in the background, so you have to keep the screen on.

Amazon Music

Amazon’s music platform offers 2 million songs to Amazon Prime subscribers, and an additional 58 million under a subscription to Amazon Prime Unlimited. Those without Amazon Prime can listen to free music on Amazon Music, with certain limitations.

The limitations are the same that we’ve seen over and over again in other similar apps: you can’t choose exactly which song you want to play and from time to time some ads will interrupt your sessions.

TuneIn Radio

Although we have focused our list on streaming applications, talking about applications for listening to music without mentioning TuneIn, would be nothing short of sacrilege. TuneIn Radio is one of the most established radio applications and has more than one hundred million downloads on Google Play.

On TuneIn Radio you will find stations for all tastes, genres and eras, as well as stations with news, podcasts, sports and anything else imaginable. The free version gives you access to a large part of the content, while some stations are available only on TuneIn Radio Pro.


If you are a little tired of the same applications, platforms and artists as always, Bandcamp is the official player of the platform of the same name, with the peculiarity that you can offer your support to your favourite artists by buying their albums or songs for the price that see fit.

This platform focuses on the fair distribution of commissions with authors, although without paying you can also discover songs and artists. Before buying an album, for example, you can usually listen to some of its tracks to see if it is of interest to you.

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