The McCloskeys Shows Off A New AR-15 After Being Forced To Forfeit Their Guns

After being forced to Forfeit their guns, The McCloskeys shows off a new AR-15.

Mark McCloskey posted a picture on Sunday showing he and his wife Patricia aren’t giving up their quite easily.

McCloskey debuted the new AR-15 with the caption, “Check out my new AR.”

The McCloskeys pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanor charges. They agreed to forfeit the specific guns they brandished on their property in june 2020 after a group of Black Lives Matter protesters marched past their homes.

Mark pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fourth degree assault and received a $750 fine, while his wife, Patricia, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor harassment and received a $2,000 fine. The Associated Press (AP) reported.

McCloskey told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly he and his wife were “originally charged with new felonies each that could land us four years in the slammer.”

“The new prosecutor dropped all the felony charges, all the gun charges and charged me with a crime that I said I purposefully placed other people in imminent or physical injury, and by God I did it, that’s what the guns were for. The guns were there to scare people off and make sure they didn’t approach us, and that’s what the guns did,” he said.

The lawyer added that if defending his home is a crime in Missouri, he would “do it again.”

Source : Daily Caller

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