The versatility of YouTube at the service of brands

The versatility of YouTube at the service of brands

YouTube is becoming more and more the main channel of leisure consumption for part of the population. The time spent watching videos of sports highlights on the Google portal has grown by 80% in the last year, for example. An activity that used to be done mostly on conventional television.

With this change and the increased audience that it entails, YouTube has shown an increase in the diversity of its formats, both in regular videos and in advertising. This can be seen in the latest YouTube Ads Leaderboard, in which classic spots are mixed, with fragments of longer videos and even chapters of fictions created especially for the platform.

The first two positions are held by the AprendamosJuntos channel, a BBVA initiative that seeks to promote training content on the education of children and young people. To do this, share talks on specific topics conducted by experts in the field. Silvia Álava, an educational psychologist, talks about the culture of effort and the debate about whether or not to help children with homework. The second video stars the teacher and trainer Victor Küppers and focuses on the importance of listening, giving some keys to learning how to do it.

The next position is taken by Oh my Cut! , with a simple and topical message such as the wage gap. A virtual calculator is presented where women can calculate their working hours according to their salary, and compare the salary gap by comparing the same work but performed by a man. The time to cut is an agile and original video where the message is clear and direct.

The fourth and fifth place are, respectively, from JuegosONCE and Volkswagen News, which have relied on two traditional spots to advertise their products. The first with Father’s Day and the raffle that takes place as a backdrop, and the second announcing the presentation of a new car model.

The versatility of the March ranking of most viewed ads on YouTube astounded us. In the past month on the platform, both short and long ads have triumphed, where there is a clear interest from the audience in current affairs and learning and where we also verify that the more traditional ads also work. The originality of the speech, as well as the clear and simple message, worked particularly well with the work done by Oh My Cut, which appears in our ranking. According to Luis Marques Defoin, Brand Activation Lead for Google Spain and Portugal.

It is important to put yourself in the user’s shoes to generate a better attraction to the brand

Viewers often complain about the intrusiveness of ads on videos and web pages. Many use adblockers to remove them, and in 2015 this block cost advertisers more than $ 21 billion. In total, it is estimated that there are more than 600 devices with ad-blocking software. What can we do so that our ad does not suffer the same fate?

Google, focused on its YouTube platform, recommends five points to follow:

  • Be brief and to the point. You have to respect the viewer’s time and avoid interrupting the content you were viewing.
  • Speak to the viewer naturally, in understandable language.
  • Create different options and formats to view the ad, so we will not tire you.
  • Monitor audience responses and adapt the message accordingly.
  • Get to know our viewer to be able to maintain a personalized dialogue.

With these simple ideas and a good message, our campaigns will find a better result when we launch them on such extensive platforms, and that has such precise analysis technology as YouTube or Google.

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